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2021 Home Design Predictions

The last year really shook things up with the way we spend time in our homes. Maybe you spent more time disinfecting, finally had time to sort through photos and send out a holiday card, or corralled children and their toys for what felt like all-the-live-long-day. Whatever you found yourself doing, 2020 will undoubtedly leave its mark on interior design and how we live in and interact with our homes.

As far as history goes, the influence of infectious disease and hygiene on home design is not new. Closets were born from the idea that dust harbors germs and, up until the beginning of the 20th century, most clothes were kept in armoires and chests. By switching to closets (and built-ins in general), the philosophy was that rooms would be easier to clean.

So, in the spirit of positive change, we've put together a list of predictions that we expect to see more of in home design as we make our way into 2021.

Home Office Space. Most of us have had to get creative when offices went remote earlier this year, and the kitchen counter stool no longer does the trick. It should come as no surprise that dedicated home office space is at the top of wish lists in home design.

Design by Scheer & Co.

Distinctive Living Spaces. With everyone at home, you may have found yourself wishing for more privacy. Homes have taken on a triple-functionality; a haven for living, work, and play. We're predicting a slight veer from the open floorplan, with more segmentation of spaces to allow for more noise control. This is also a nod to home design of times past where you could have dinner with guests and then retire to a lounge or den.

Wall Treatments. Shiplap has had its moment in the sun, but it's high time to make way for alternative wall treatments. We'd love to see more variety through wall paneling or the use of plaster. Moorehouse Design, featured below, is an expert at this across the board.

More Color. We're not necessarily talking about punchy, fully-saturated colors, but we'll definitely be seeing more neutral, muddied colors; a deviation from the all-white interiors that are timeless and have grown increasingly popular over the 2010s.

Design by Kate Arends (Wit + Delight)

Patterned Wallpaper and Fabrics. There seems to already be a resurgence of the Arts & Crafts movement with the use of granny-chic wallpaper and fabrics. The interest this creates is both playful and daring.

Design by Minnie Peters

Natural Fabrics. Passing on nylons, polyesters and other synthetics in favor of more natural options? It's part of our design credo. Here's to hoping others can find as much joy in linens and cottons in 2021.

Design by EyeSwoon

Biophilia. Humans have a natural tendency to seek connection with nature. It's time to let that flow into your home (studies show your mental health will be better for it!). A simple way to do this is to get yourself some houseplants. It may be as easy as asking your plant-lover friend for a clipping of one of theirs so you can start your own little indoor oasis. We'll also being seeing more light-filled spaces take precedent, and maybe we'll all finally finish up those outdoor living spaces this year.

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