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Before + After: Cliffside Farmhouse Primary Bathroom

Updated: May 22, 2023

Intention: Create a space that's elevated and classic with an edge. While luxurious, this is not a one-note bathroom. The space balances a casual with lavish feel, warm + cool tones, raw + polished materials. Overall, the space encourages relaxation and will serve as a retreat at any time of day.

Set in a c. 1800s farmhouse, the bathroom off of the primary bedroom was too tight for the new homeowners, not to mention dated. The door adjoining it with the upstairs guest bathroom was also not ideal. However, the ability to grab square footage from the adjacent walk-in closet off-shoot made up for what this bathroom lacked in style and functionality.

Before Photos of the Original Bathroom + Closet

We eliminated the door to the guest bath, removed the wall to the closet and leveled off the ceiling. The goal was to stay true to the history of the home, but also infuse it design choices inspired by the taste and needs of the young family that now lives there.

After Photos of the Primary Bathroom

Photos by Raquel Langworthy Photography | Design + Styling by Week's End Co.

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